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Product Information

The vehicle fire pumps

Produce Unit:The Special Pump Business Department
Advisory phone:0086-029-85207555

According to the demand of the fire enterprise’s development, our company has succeed in designing the series vehicle fire pumps. The products mainly use the turbine technology of liquid rocket engine, and solve the seal and cavitation problem what is difficult for others fire pumps under high revolution. It fills the domestic blank and be perfect products for the fire vehicle. It has been the state emphasis new product and the ‘torch plan’ project of the state. The pump has many merits, such as rational structure, light weigh, multi-functions, perfect performance, easy maintenance and operation, etc.

High and normal pressure vehicle fire pump:  CB40.10/6.30-TB
Flow rate (normal pressure): Q=30L/s     normal head: H=1.0Mp
Flow rate (high pressure): Q=6L/s        high head: H=4.0Mpa.
Middle and normal pressure vehicle fire pumps: there are 8 types.
Flow rate (normal pressure): Q=30L/s~100 L/s      normal head: H=1.0Mpa;
Flow rate (high pressure): Q=15L/s~50 L/s         high head: H=2.0Mpa.