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Product Information

XBD series construction fire pump

Produce Unit:The Special Pump Business Department
Advisory phone:0086-029-85207555

Consigned by the Northwest Building Design and Research Institute, XBD series construction fire pumps are new products developed by our company. The main character is changeable flow with steady pressure and has a flat flow-pressure curve, that is when flow changed from 0 to rated capacity, the output pressure vary within 5%, and the pressure exceed the rated head very small, therefore ensure the fire-fighting performed smoothly, raise the efficiency of putting out fire and improve the safety of  fire-man and reliability of the fire systems. The series pumps  are drove by electric motor without changing the revolution, and is a great breakthrough on the technique of fire pump in China. It mainly be used for construction fire-fighting system of industrial and civil buildings, The series pumps are initiated  and the performance is advanced .The product patent has been approve by the state. It also is the state emphasis new product and the ‘torch plan’ project of the state.

There are more than 160 types.